Saturday, April 6, 2013

Table of contents

Maintenance FANS: Fitness, Attitude, Nutrition, Self-Monitoring
A practical guide to the findings of National Weight Control Registry findings on long-term weight maintainers
0 Getting ready: your success story and maintenance plan
F I gradual buildup of physical activity (If you're not already active)
A I depressive symptomology and support
N I breakfast and regular meals
S I frequent weigh ins (not what you've probably been told)
F II target fitness levels (1 hour a day or 200 min/wk)
A II disinhibited eating (negative emotional eating, eating to distract)
N II situations that encourage overeating (These vary but I have a few ideas)
S II cognitive restraint (How do you decide what to eat?)
F III lean bodymass and metabolism (when you lose weight, you lose calorie burning capacity)
A III Emotional self regulation (Handling setbacks, self care)
N III dietary consistency (weekends and holidays?)
S III data vs intelligence (applying the numbers)
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